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Jordan Marketing Consultants puts your business in front of your buyer-persona. We build highly effective organic marketing campaigns, combining in-depth keyword research, quality content, SEO and optimized WordPress Website design.

Selecting a Digital Marketing Agency is a Big Decision

When you search for a marketing agency, your brain throws out questions like — will it work for my business? Do I have the right one? What if they are not the right fit? Will they be able to accomplish everything I want? These questions are completely normal and valid when it comes to finding a marketing partner. With so many agencies and consultants out there, you want to be sure that you’re working with the one who gets YOUR BRAND.

Why choose Jordan Marketing Consultants as Your Partner

To tap into your audience and grow your business, you need a strong online presence that makes your brand visible to your prospects.

Working with professionals who have a solid grasp of marketing and SEO can give you a competitive edge. Because it’s not just enough to have a website and social media handles, you have to be visible and credible to your prospects. We help you increase your visibility through search engine optimization, local SEO, content marketing, social media management, optimizing or designing a new website, paid ads, and more.

Services We Provide

Norm is Not the Standard for Us

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the most effective way to get new customers with the highest ROI. Our analysts constantly work on strategies to get you ranked higher and bring more prospects to your site.

Social Media Management

We use a data-driven approaches and in-depth consumer insights to develop relevant social media strategies to create brand awareness, build audience engagement and drive sales.

WordPress Care Plan

We manage your site so you don't have to. Our managed services include 24/7 help desk, website updates & backups, maintenance & hosting. Ensuring your website is up, running and secure.

Local SEO

We fuel your presence in the local search results by optimizing your local listings and citations. We make it easy for your potential customers to locate you in your service area.


Whether it's an email, web page, or landing page, everything needs copy that persuades its readers to take the next step. We craft copy that works as the deciding factor of your prospects’ purchase decision.

WordPress Website Design

What's your website's purpose? To present services clearly to the world. Your visitors want to be pulled in by your website, and we do just that. Our team of experts design experiences that balance brand image and SEO.

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200+ Reviews

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