WordPress Care Plans

For Always Updated, Secure and Functional WordPress Websites

WordPress Website Maintenance

WordPress is the most popular content management system and publishing platform used by all kinds of businesses. Due to its low cost, it has made it possible for every business to have a website, but not everyone can optimize a WordPress site and effectively update it to keep it running smoothly.

Jordan Marketing Consultants offers maintenance of your WordPress site, keeping it running smoothly and SEO-friendly. Our WordPress maintenance specialists maintain sites for brick and mortar shops, e-stores, construction companies, contractors, electricians, plumbers and restaurants along with other businesses.

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Plugins Update

Plugins are an integral part of the WordPress ecosystem that allows you to customize and extend your website. Whether you need to add a new function to your site such as collecting visitor emails through a form or optimize the site for search engines, there is a plugin for every scenario. WordPress Plugins developers update plugins to fix bugs and other issues. These updates often come with security upgrades as well and there's no reason to miss out on a new version because you think the old version is fine.

We keep your website up-to-date by ensuring that all of your plugins are updated and monitored. If we see any issues, we'll fix them as quickly as possible.

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24/7 Support Team

Technical support is essential to every business that has an online presence, more importantly, if you are paced for growth. We work with an Always Ready to Respond Approach. Regardless of the problem, you will find our support team ready to solve it. Whether it’s updating your site content, adding a new image or optimizing the landing page, you will get a prompt response. Also, our product specialists are always looking for feedback and suggestions to help have an experience that exceeds your expectations.

You get a partner who will never leave you alone or let your site down when you choose us.

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Daily Off-Site Backups

In the online world, you are only as protected as your last backup: an integral part of online business success. What happens when your website suffers a security breach and you don't have an effective contingency plan in place? The damage could be irreversible.

It’s a business owner’s worst nightmare when their website goes down and there’s no contingency plan to undo the damage. To ensure this never happens to you, we create daily backups and store them securely off-site for minimum downtime.

Daily backups are an excellent way to ensure that your website, content, and other assets are safely stored in case of a server or hosting issue.

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Visual Checks

WordPress is a great platform but it requires constant monitoring to check the visual effects of third-party plugins and extensions, as well as core updates. Keeping up with the constant updates from WordPress can be a headache for you, especially when it comes to visual updates and glitches.

There is a possibility that your website may go down or malfunction due to these issues. That's why you need a dedicated team to monitor it and fix issues to keep your site running at maximum efficiency.

Our Quality Assurance testers are that team. Their goal is to identify visual issues and resolve them before your user experience is compromised.

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Security Monitoring

There is always a risk of unauthorized access if you don't have the right security checks in place. Whether it's a data breach or an infiltration that steals customer information, every type of cyber attack can cost you money and take your site offline entirely.

The more traffic you generate, the more malicious attacks your website may encounter. To ensure that your site is safeguarded by a robust security system at all times, we monitor the platform in real-time so hackers don’t stand a chance.

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A well-compiled monthly report can be incredibly useful as it gives you an insight into your WordPress site's performance. As your WP care partner, we are obsessed with your website and present you with monthly and quarterly reports.

The report includes details of the maintenance performed, what content has been optimized and how we can optimize more. It also shows your search visibility on Google and other search engines, the source of the traffic to the site and Google Search Console information that tells indexing and visibility status of your websites.

What Makes Us A Better Choice

Our WordPress care plan solves all of your site’s operational needs so that you can confidently focus on your business growth. We ensure that your site is secure, doesn’t have glitches and is optimized for search engines.
Your website is a representation of your brand. Your visitors will judge your business by it and if it’s not up to standard you’ll lose potential customers.
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Basic maintenance

Designed to meet the essential maintenance needs for your website and assist you to run business with ease.

Website Hosting

Updates w/ Visual Check

Daily Off-site Backups

Daily Security Scans

Malware Cleanup

Monthly Maintenance Report

Advanced Maintenance w/ Unlimited Content Edits

Advanced Maintenance gives you assurance that we will be there to support your site 24/7 to keep you stress free.
This package lets you create the best synching between your website and business by giving the freedom of unlimited edits.

Updates w/ Visual Check

Daily Off-site Backups

Daily Security Scans

Malware Cleanup

Monthly Maintenance Report

24/7 Support

Unlimited Content edits (What are content edits?)

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