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Intuitive, optimized and affordable wordpress website design to grow your business

A website is the first impression of your business so it needs to meet your customer expectations — and even exceed them. It is rather obvious that a poorly designed website conveys an equally lousy image of your business.

But a great website increases your credibility and accelerates the purchase decision of your visitors. It significantly enhances your company’s image and sales.

People visit your site to learn more about you, your products and services because they want to know whether you are the right fit to meet their needs. So the first step is to make the visitors stay at the site. We create a user-friendly design that helps visitors to stay and browse through your site with ease, giving them the desired information.

Responsive WordPress Web Design

Responsive web design is a modern, customer-focused approach to creating websites. With this approach, you can create a single website that loads instantly across every device, including smartphones. Responsive designs don’t require horizontal scrolling or zooming in and out. Your site looks sharp and professional, regardless of the screen size.

The design of a website is just as crucial to engage visitors as its content. Any website that wants to be taken seriously should have a responsive design. A business with a responsive design seamlessly delivers the same visual and functional components to users on every device, from desktops to smartphones. We ensure that your website always performs well on all devices and you won’t lose business.

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Design Optimization

Your customers are always changing their habits. They’re going online to find new products and services, using Google to help them make an online and offline purchase decision. You don’t know which page of your site they will land on and if you don’t have easy navigation, you’ll lose them.

We create easy navigation for your visitors, making it convenient for them to find the desired information regardless of the page they land on first. Our website design will put you in front of customers by creating an attractive and engaging website, educating them about your goods and services. Our designs clearly show your visitors what makes your brand, YOU.

We work with the belief that a well-designed website is more than just an online brochure: it’s where you can make lasting connections with your customers. Anybody can design a website with templates, but if you want to create an effective online presence that converts visitors into customers, you need JMCs skilled designers to bring your website to fruition.

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E-commerce with WordPress

Selling online is the new normal and consumers are increasingly turning to their devices to make a purchase. As an e-commerce business, your website has a huge responsibility to offer your customers a positive shopping experience. 

In such a dynamic scenario, what would happen if your e-commerce landscape isn’t captivating enough? A glitch in your site or lackluster design can turn customers off and lead them to purchase from your competitors. If you want to improve customer conversion and retain shoppers, you need to optimize your website for a smooth experience.

Jordan Marketing Consultants specializes in WooCommerce solutions and can craft a system that caters to your brand’s unique needs. We will offer your customers an easy, memorable way to shop for products and services, boosting your sales and giving you the most out of your website.

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What Makes us a better choice

Our purpose is to help you transform a strong vision of your business into a tangible reality. With our experienced team and cutting-edge tools, we will create a website that not only presents an exhilarating user experience but also has technical precision. It means more site traffic, higher conversions and business growth.

If you’re a local business or a contractor looking to establish a strong online presence, or a brick-and-mortar shop owner aiming to draw more foot traffic, you need an optimized website. At JMC, we ensure that you won’t have a site that poorly represents you — one that’s confusing and cluttered, with a weak copy or unreliable functionality. With us, your website will be clear, easy and effective.