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What Is Considered A “Content Edit”?

What Is Considered A “Content Edit”? | Jordan Marketing Consultants

You have a WordPress site up and running but you want to make a small change that can be managed through the admin panel and is not an extensive task that takes more than 30 minutes is called the content edit.

There are two types of edits; layout or feature edits and text edits. For text editing you like to add more text or change the text on an existing page. For layout and feature edits, you can change how the site looks, images and graphics appear and more plugins are added or activated are also part of content edit.  Unlimited content editing gives you the freedom to keep customizing your site and upgrading it according to your needs.

However, our services are not limited to these small content edits; we can conduct a thorough analysis of your site and present comprehensive solutions to optimize its performance.

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