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Understand Google My Business to Get Found in Your Area

This blog post explains the importance of local search optimization with GMB and how you can use it for more lead generation. You will also learn how to get found by your customers on Google search and maps, using GMB.

You are running a store in your area and your prospects search the internet to get what you are selling but you do not appear on the first page of the search results. Why? Because your more resourceful competitors are investing in their Local SEO, leaving you in the dust… 

Ugh! Isn’t it frustrating?

HEY, don’t worry! We still can compete. I am saying ‘we’ because Jordan Marketing Consultants is also ‘truly local’ like you, so we fight hard for our local clients. 

You don’t need to think that I am asking you to pour a stupendous amount of money to beat your more resourceful competition. Because it’s simply not a viable option for us.

You do not have to have a huge budget to be competitive in the local SEO landscape, in fact, our goal is to work on ‘affordable high ROI marketing solutions’. 

However, I am going to explain some valuable information that you can use to bump up the footfalls at your actual location. 

Okay, so the news is:

Regular SEO and local SEO is not the same

Local SEO is about the local search optimization of your website for a particular location and population. If you own a local business, like a plumber service, gym, or shop, you can pop out on the first page of Google search. As a result of your Google local listing, your prospects will find you online as well as offline.

As a local business, you have the chance to stand out from the pack by implementing local search optimization – which is more than just keywords and links. It incorporates the story of your company, who it’s for, and why it matters. You can use this information to write compelling content for your website that builds authority for your business, besides boosting your lead generation through social media channels as well.

Your Most Reliable Resource: Google My Business

Google empowers you with its free tool Google My Business that lets you manage your business information on Google Search and Maps. This information includes your business name, contact details, address, website URL, opening hours, images and videos of your office, or shop and products.

For sure Google is the best search engine around and according to, it accounts for over 92% of searches. The reason Google dominates the search engine market is its accuracy and ease of giving results to searchers. To keep its dominance intact, Google ensures to offer the most convenient methods of finding relevant information to its users.

So with GMB, anyone can find out the name, address, business hours, phone number of your business without going to your website.

Hence, your GMB listing is integral to your local SEO strategy.

Is GMB Listing Enough?

Creating your Google My Business listing is a great way to ensure that you’re visible in local searches. More and more people search for location-specific queries and that’s why Google algorithms have been updated to show local listings on the top.

Since many local businesses sell the same products or services, you need to optimize your GMB listing to rank among the top matches. The first step is to see how you stand up against the competition. Then, make the needed adjustments to your listing so you can begin to rank higher and generate more revenue.

Get Your Free GMB Audit

We know that Google My Business can be confusing, especially for businesses that have just begun taking advantage of its features or have never used it at all. 

Luckily, we’re here to help. We’ll analyze your GMB profile FOR FREE with our GMB audit service and present suggestions to help you improve your online presence.

Our free audit will offer tips on how you can improve your business’ online presence and gain more customers by implementing those suggestions.