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We carefully create targeted strategies that help your business engage with its audience, maximize brand reach, and grow infinitely.

Who We Are

Jordan Marketing Consultants is a Houston-based marketing and web design agency that focuses on organic search engine optimization to help you reach your prospects before your competitors. As an agency that specializes in marketing and web design, we work with you from start to finish in your customer acquisition journey. We are rooted in Houston neighborhoods and understand the business owners like you and your customers.

What We Do

We optimize your site for higher search engine rankings and produce quality content to get the leads rolling in. We create SEO strategies that capitalize on the power of national and local searches to get you connected with the right audience. We plan and execute social media engagement and SEO strategies that lead to increased brand awareness, website traffic and sales.

Comprehensive Strategies to Advance Your Goals

We believe that the best strategies are built on your input. Once you share your goals with us, we put great thought into how we can help you achieve them. Our team does robust research and brainstorming to develop a strategy that will help you reach your goals.

Your Trust Drives Us

We understand that it’s more than money when you choose us as your strategic partner; you invest your hopes, dreams, and trust in us. That’s why we’ll be there for you, working to achieve all of your goals. We won’t stop until we’ve taken your business to the next level.


To make customer acquisition easy for our clients by optimizing their website and applying the best organic marketing strategies.


To be the most trusted partner for local businesses by substantiating their growth.


Each member of JMC holds the following values as part of our professional character.


You will always find us keen to learn about your business, to take initiatives and to show you results with our dedicated efforts.


Our savviness gives your business a head start; whether it’s for your online analysis or strategy development, we have the right insight for you.


Reliability is an essential element of our DNA. We take pride in our availability and response time to our clients.

Our Team

Our team strives to achieve your goals with their combined experience of over three decades.

Jordan Marketing Consultants,JMC

Wendell Jordan Jr.


About Me

As a marketer, strategist, SEO expert and WordPress designer, I’ve been entrusted with a variety of clients’ businesses. I analyze your current business model, dissect what the competition is doing, and develop a strategy that creates an achievable path to success.

I pride myself in helping your business stay ahead of your competitors by building a solid strategy that includes finding the right keywords, on-page and off-page SEO to optimize your online presence. Along with my team, I create a content strategy that speaks your customer’s language in a human, and informative way to ensure conversions.

Being a local business owner and founder, I’ve lived through the struggles of trying to attract new customers — I get it. This is why I work so hard to stay innovative for my clients.

Getting a good understanding of your business and the industry is the starting point of my process. I always check out your competitors and try to figure out where they are succeeding as well as the holes they are missing to create a perfect mix for you.
You know that Houston is a huge city with so many different businesses offering the same services and products. The advantage lies with the business that reaches its prospects before its competitors and engages them with better content. I’m here to optimize the online presence of your business and raise its visibility in our local area.
Jordan Marketing Consultants,JMC

Waseem Sajjad

Adobe Assassin

About Me

Designing is more than a profession for me, it’s an obsession. The process of turning ideas into reality is a highly gratifying experience.

When you need your brand to be seen and heard, I am the designer you can trust to bring your dreams into captivating visuals. Whether it is a business card or an advertising campaign, I can make it happen with the right balance of creativity, talent, and attention to detail.

I have gained a wealth of experience by designing and developing brands from the ground up. I use my skills to drive brand engagement, putting businesses ahead of their competition. My profound connection with creating logos, UI/UX design and brand identities, enabled me to conceptualize your vision and turn it into a memorable brand touch experience. 

As a savvy designer, I know that a design that reflects the personality of a brand is an essential part of its success. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for design; creating something specific to your brand’s style and voice gives your customers a reason to buy from you and it also leaves a positive impression of your brand. I have worked on dozens of projects for local businesses, contractors and e-commerce stores.

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These small businesses are some of the best in their industry.

Jordan Marketing Consultants,JMC
Jordan Marketing Consultants,JMC
Jordan Marketing Consultants,JMC
Jordan Marketing Consultants,JMC
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